Wooden Railway Table - Folding Table Cover

Wooden Railway Table

wooden railway table

  • railroad track: a line of track providing a runway for wheels; "he walked along the railroad track"

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Our Thomas Table

Our Thomas Table

This is the start of AJ's wooden railway. He enjoys watching daddy push the trains around, and it won't be long before he starts to push them himself.... or at least take apart what Daddy puts together. Notice, that the outside loop comes to a dead end on the left.... I have since found the smaller curves and closed the outer loop to make a complete circle, will upload more pics soon.

The cliff railway and Lynmouth Bay

The cliff railway and Lynmouth Bay

The cliff railway is powered by gravity - a water tank in the top car is filled from a spring, while the tank in the bottom car is emptied. The top car then descends and tows the bottom car up by the connecting cable. When each car reaches the opposite end of its track, the process is reversed. Beautifully simple and elegant. JJ

wooden railway table

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