Picture of buffet table : Fold up dining room table

Picture Of Buffet Table

picture of buffet table

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Lunch buffet

Lunch buffet

Towards lunchtime we found a small courtyard full of tables and chairs and a fountain in the middle, with a huge buffet of all kinds of interesting foods adorning the wall. The food was fantastic and just looking at this picture is making me very hungry indeed! Later on the place started filling up and it became fairly clear it was a hotel restaurant of sorts, with about 2/3rds of the other clients mexican and the rest visitors from elsewhere.

Our waiter cheerfully attempted to pocket 200 pesos ($22) worth of change but when asked whether he'd made a mistake about it brought it all out, leaving us feeling very confident about not getting taken advantage of here. And full.

Flower Arrangement at the buffet table

Flower Arrangement at the buffet table

I attended an event for Magnolia Healthy Beverages, products include Magnolia Fruit drinks, Magnolia Healthtea, Magnolia Lifedrink and Magnolia Purewater. Products were displayed so I just took pictures of them.

I loved the flower arrangement by the buffet table.

Shot in ambient light and handheld. ISO 3200.

picture of buffet table

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