Cheap pedestal tables. Glass patio tables.

Cheap Pedestal Tables

cheap pedestal tables

  • A position in which one is greatly or uncritically admired

  • Each of the two supports of a kneehole desk or table, typically containing drawers

  • an architectural support or base (as for a column or statue)

  • The base or support on which a statue, obelisk, or column is mounted

  • base: a support or foundation; "the base of the lamp"

  • a position of great esteem (and supposed superiority); "they put him on a pedestal"

  • (table) a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"

  • Postpone consideration of

  • (table) postpone: hold back to a later time; "let's postpone the exam"

  • Present formally for discussion or consideration at a meeting

  • (table) a set of data arranged in rows and columns; "see table 1"

  • (of an item for sale) Low in price; worth more than its cost

  • Charging low prices

  • (of prices or other charges) Low

  • bum: of very poor quality; flimsy

  • relatively low in price or charging low prices; "it would have been cheap at twice the price"; "inexpensive family restaurants"

  • brassy: tastelessly showy; "a flash car"; "a flashy ring"; "garish colors"; "a gaudy costume"; "loud sport shirts"; "a meretricious yet stylish book"; "tawdry ornaments"

DSC 3319

DSC 3319

"pedestal" table from Pier 1--on sale super cheap, woo

cheap pedestal tables

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